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Many people set a goal of visiting all 63 National Parks. They see some incredible places, but also miss out on so much of what the National Park System entails. Others go further and venture to all 429 National Park units. Those that do get to experience much more, but they still miss out some of the nation’s best public lands, just because those acres weren’t transferred to the NPS.

The Treasured Places quest helps you see all of the important, specially-protected public land areas in the United States.

“I could never complete that”

It really doesn’t matter if you finish or not.

Just committing to this journey will ensure that you visit amazing places you otherwise wouldn’t have.

The main point here is to expand the types of special public lands that you visit. Our National Parks are amazing—but they’re not the only places worthy of visiting. Expand your travel list to include some of the lesser known national monuments and conservation areas and you’ll be guaranteed to find some gems you had never even heard about.

Finishing the quest would be an absolutely amazing accomplishment, but don’t let yourself be intimidated by the number of places on the list. This quest is all about the journey, not the destination.

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